Proyecto piloto de enseñanza en inglés en el título de Grado en Filosofía

Curso 2020-2021


- The modules will be wholly taught and delivered in English. Students enrolled in these modules will receive a specific syllabus in English.

- Students therefore must possess an appropriate level in English; such as B2 level English in ACLES / CERCLES, or the equivalent of an Advanced English Certificate from Cambridge University.

- Students who find it difficult to follow the taught course in English can register instead in one of the equivalent modules in Spanish during the first two weeks of the academic year.   ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-20

code name type credits nº hours semester days time room professor department course
801307 History of Modern Philosophy Ob. 6 52 Tu-W 13.00-15.00   Ana Isabel Rábade Philosophy and Society 2º Philosophy degree
801312 Metaphysics I Ob. 6 52 W 16.00-20.00   Javier Cumpa Logic and Theoretical Philosophy 3º Philosophy degree
801348 Philosophy of Science II Ob. 6 52 Th-F 11.00-13.00   Mauricio Suárez  Logic and Theoretical Philosophy 4º Philosophy degree
801319 Seminar in History of Ancient Philosphy Op. 6 52 Th-F 15.00-17.00   Beatriz Bossi  Philosophy and Society Optative 3º y 4º Philosophy degree
801342 Political Philosophy II Ob. 6 52 Th-F 09.00-11.00   Blanca Rodríguez Philosophy and Society 3º Philosophy degree
801344 Philosophy of Mind Ob. 6 52 Th-F 11.00-
  Alfonso Muñoz Philosophy and Society 4º Philosophy degree
801345 Current approaches of philosophy I Ob. 6 52 Tu-W 13.00-15.00   Emma Ingala Logic and Theoretical Philosophy 4º Philosophy degree