Conferenciantes invitados

V Congreso de la Sociedad Internacional Ludwig Wittgenstein (Internationale Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft)

Conferenciantes invitados



Alice Crary (The New School for Social Research, New York): "The Moral Dimension of Mind: Reflections in the Light of Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy"

Antoni Defez (Universitat de Girona): "Some romantic roots of the Philosophy of Wittgenstein"

Alan Janik  (Universität Innsbruck): “The reconstruction of philosophy on the basis of practice” 

Oskari Kuusela (University of East Anglia): 'Wittgenstein and the philosophy of logic: How to be a naturalist without being an empiricist?'

Martin Kusch (Universität Wien): "The ‘System Response’ to Radical Skepticism in On Certainty"

Naomi Scheman (University of Minnesota):  "Wittgenstein and Feminist, Queer, and Critical Race Theory"


Mesa redonda

María Cerezo (Universidad de Murcia): “Analogical terms in the Tractatus: a defense of the old Wittgenstein”

Rosa M. Calcaterra (Università Roma Tre): "Concrete reality. Wittgenstein' s and pragmatist overcoming of the realism-antirealism contraposition" 

Nuno Venturinha (Universidade Nova de Lisboa):  "The Timeliness of Wittgenstein's Religious Epistemology"